OK. Life is sometimes impulsive and fast to want to take a moment to try to be neutral. However, if you take a chance you would realise that it’s worth it. Life has thought me many things including “the power of neutrality”. Why take sides especially when your not sure. A lot of people are found of that. Being neutral means not being associated with a certain issue. It’s more or less like your not for anything but in the middle.

Neutrality teaches you to be less judgemental, a better listener, and maybe a better problem solver. Taking sides on issues doesn’t make you a good listener because right from the start or half way you have made up your mind on who is right. Even if the other fellow tends to be right, because you have made up your mind on who is right the other ones side of the story is nothing but lies.Neutrality tends to give you a better view on issues. It also makes you realise that in life what may seem right in the begin may actually be wrong  in the end. It also makes people want to bring their issues before you since they know you won’t take sides and would be very objective. That is why it is prudent to stay neutral through out a situation to avoid being sorry in the end. Most at times we back the wrong person mainly because in life wrong usually feels or seems right.

Neutrality on the light side prevents rivalry and enmity. But really, who cares? it’s not about making people your close pals but seriously come to think of it, why should your supporting of one person make the other an enemy.After all, that one person you are supporting now could be an enemy later or haven’t you seen or heard stories of people who are good friends becoming worst enemies. All that i am saying is that don’t sacrifice human relation for nothing but opinions.It’s that simple.So one may ask, who qualifies to be neutral? A patient less opinionated loving person, someone kind in thought and heart and anyone willing to be what i have stated . Neutrality is hard to practise but make an effort and enjoy it’s results.


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